America is Ready for Terry!

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Terry in 2020?

Governor Terry McAuliffe is a qualified and pragmatic progressive. Terry’s record as Governor of Virginia is one of promises made and promises kept. From building the New Virginia Economy, to the restoration of voting rights, to serving as a brick wall against harmful legislation, Governor McAuliffe has served the Commonwealth of Virginia proudly and honestly.

When violent hate came to Charlottesville, Virginia, Governor McAuliffe boldly told the Nazis and white supremacists to “go home”. Terry McAuliffe is a sincere and passionate fighter, and he would be the best possible candidate in 2020.

Laying the groundwork

Ready for Terry (TMAC2020 PAC) is working 24/7 to increase Governor McAuliffe’s name recognition throughout the country, harnessing existing grassroots energy to grow the Governor’s nationwide profile. Primarily through digital organizing, Ready for Terry aims to show Governor McAuliffe that a Presidential run in 2020 is possible, and that he has the support of thousands of people across the United States.