Press Release: January 3, 2018



 Contact: Ready for Terry HQ,

January 3, 2018

HENRICO, VA -- In the Washington Post today, former Governor Terry McAuliffe laid out a positive and optimistic vision for the United States of America - a vision that is increasingly needed as Donald Trump continues to use the position of President of the United States to divide our country.

Governor McAuliffe said it best: “After two years of President Trump’s grandiose bluster, bluffing and buffoonery, Americans elected candidates who ran as optimistic, progressive problem-solvers focused on results central to families: health care, work, education and taxes. We need to be big, bold and optimistic…”

During his time as Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe demonstrated what it means to be a progressive problem solver. When Virginia Republicans sued Governor McAuliffe over his blanket restoration of voter rights, the Governor restored the voting rights of over 172,000 citizens one signature at a time.

 Governor McAuliffe also proposed a state budget that included over one billion dollars in K-12 and higher education investments, as well as millions of dollars for workforce development programs, such as certificate programs, associate degrees, and technical training.

“Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has the policy vision and the character to take on President Trump in 2020 and I sincerely hope that he does,” said Graham Weinschenk, Ready for Terry’s Director of Operations. “He was a brick wall against hateful and divisive legislation in Virginia, and he has outlined a realistic and progressive policy agenda that is the perfect antithesis to Donald Trump.” 

Governor McAuliffe has the experience to fight for real change that is beneficial to every American, and he has the character to push back against Donald Trump. We invite all Americans to join us, and demonstrate that it is time for Terry.

Press Release: October 8, 2018



Contact: Graham Weinschenk,

October 8, 2018

HENRICO, VA--Tenaciously Moving America for Change in 2020 (TMAC 2020 PAC) launched its grassroots movement this afternoon.  TMAC 2020 PAC is a grassroots political action committee formed to encourage former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to run President of the United States because of his leadership record during his tenure as Governor of Virginia.

“We founded TMAC 2020 PAC because of Governor McAuliffe’s long-standing progressive record,” said co-founder of TMAC 2020 PAC, Shannon Kane. “Terry McAuliffe has proven time and time again to be advocate for all Virginians, so we are looking forward to supporting Governor McAuliffe’s potential candidacy for the presidency.”

Governor McAuliffe made the Commonwealth a welcoming place to live, work, and raise a family.  Under his leadership, the New Virginia Economy flourished. Virginia saw unemployment drop from 5.4% to 3.6%, a net gain of over 200,000 new jobs, a record-breaking $20 billion in capital investment, and a 12.3% increase in personal income. McAuliffe led a $1.4 billion investment in public education, and under his administration, Virginia effectively ended veterans homelessness, the first in the nation. Governor McAuliffe was a brick wall against regressive policies by vetoing anti-women, anti-LGBTQ+, and anti-minority legislation. He made history by restoring the rights of more than 172,000 Virginians, granting them access to the ballot box. Governor McAuliffe believes that our government and our economy must work for all Virginians.

Governor McAuliffe’s vision for America is inclusive and competitive, and it is the vision that our country needs in this uncertain time. A New American Economy will thrive if we invest in our education and our workforce. We will promote our homegrown industries and expand trade opportunities. We will keep Virginia safe while improving services for our veterans and the military. We will not compromise women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, nor minority rights because we know that our country thrives off our diversity. America is ready for a Terry McAuliffe presidential administration, and the members of TMAC 2020 PAC are ready to get to work to support a potential presidential run.