America is Ready for Terry!


Governor McAuliffe’s vision for America is inclusive and competitive, and it is the vision that our country needs in this uncertain time. A New American Economy will thrive if we invest in our education and our workforce. We will promote our homegrown industries and expand trade opportunities. We will keep America safe while improving services for our veterans and the military. We will not compromise women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, nor minority rights because we know that our country thrives off our diversity. America is ready for a Terry McAuliffe presidential administration, and the members of TMAC 2020 PAC are ready to get to work to support a potential presidential run.



Tenaciously Moving America for Change in 2020 (TMAC 2020 PAC) is a grassroots political action committee formed to encourage former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to run for President of the United States because of his leadership record during his tenure as Governor of Virginia.


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